Casting of the Light

Casting of the Light C GIBLIN
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Casting of the Light

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Category: Section 1: Light

Media: Acrylics

Artwork Description

My daily solo walks in the forest near my home are a source of great inspiration for me. Not only do they provide respite (as a form of spiritual recharge) and escape for me as I allow my imagination to run freely, but they also provide an immense source of creative material. The way the light changes each day, the sounds along the path, the colours, the textures, the life contained within the depths of the forest: all of these elements combine to form a constant flow of images, some of which find their way onto my canvases. I have become more and more bold with expressions of light in my paintings, and see my forest pictures as autobiographical tales of personal development. Now there is a shift in my work, and the light source is in the foreground: the light is being cast back into the forest, illuminating the path taken, to see all of the parts of the forest catching the light, as well as the parts casting shadows.

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Artist:Charlotte Giblin

Artists Biography

I am a full-time contemporary fine artist and art tutor living in New Plymouth. I've worked professionally in the visual arts for almost 25 years as business owner, gallery director and arts administrator, art tutor, author, potter, painter and illustrator. This rich tapestry of experience has woven together all of my passions to become the full-time artist and creative mentor I am today. My acrylic paintings span many genres, from realistic portraiture to textural expressionist landscapes: all tell their own part of my story of personal development and growth through my art, and my fascination with light.