IMPORTANT NOTE: The Franklin Arts Festival is a not for profit event, which is entirely run by volunteers. We rely on the generosity of businesses in our local community, Franklin Local Board, artist entry fees and visitors who purchase artworks to make the Festival a landmark event for Franklin.
Thank you so much for your support - we appreciate it!


I’m keen to help out - where can I volunteer?

Thank you so much for offering! We value ALL volunteers - to get involved, fill in your details on our volunteers form HERE and we will be in touch to discuss a time that works for you.


Visiting The Franklin Arts festival Pop-Up Art Show

I want to visit the Franklin Arts Festival - how much will it cost and do I need to book?

We’ve all had a tough year and, thanks to the generosity of the Franklin Arts Centre, we are able to invite you to enjoy the Art Show for FREE this year! No bookings are required - just turn up and enjoy.


Where and When is The Franklin Arts Festival Pop-Up Art Show being held?

The show will open on Friday 4 September until Thursday 8 October.  You will be able to view it both at the Franklin Arts centre in Pukekohe AND here, at www.franklinartsfestival.co.nz.  


Can I buy the artwork?

Absolutely!  You will be able to purchase artworks when you visit both the the gallery and the online shows - AND you will be able to take you purchase home with you there and then.  As works sell, new pieces will be hung in their place, so it's worth popping back more than once to check out what's new.



Entering your Work 

I’m not sure what category to enter my work into - what should I do?

Don’t worry about it! This years Pop-Up Art Show is open entry, which means that there are no categories . There will also be no cash prizes.  We have included the category field to make it easier for visitors to the Pop-Up show online to find artworks that they are interested in.  


Is paying online the only way I can pay for my entry?

You can pay online via internet banking. Alternatively you are welcome to pay by cheque or cash, sent to Franklin Arts Festival, PO Box 586, Pukekohe 2340. This must be received NO LATER than Friday 21 August.


Can I pay the entry fee for another person with a different name?

Absolutely - just be sure to include the artists name in the reference field of your online payment.


Can I enter just the online show ?

Sorry, no - the physical gallery show is the primary focus of the Pop-Up Art Show - the online show is an awesome bonus (and the COVID-19 emergency back-up).  This means that artworks do need to be sent to the Franklin Arts Centre for display.  


How many entries can I make ?

You may enter up to 2 artworks. Due to the slightly different nature of this years event, we will have a little less space than usual for displaying work. For that reason, entries are limited to no more than 2 per artist.


I made a mistake on my entry / my entry is incomplete

If you need to change information in your entry or add information or photos, please email your changes/additions to caroline@franklinartsfestival.co.nz.


How do I know that my online entry is successfully submitted?

When you have successfully submitted your entry, when you click "Submit", you will be automatically taken to a confirmation page showing your entry/entries.  You will also receive an email with confirmation of the information that you have submitted, together with full details on how to make payment for your entry.  


If my work sells how do I get paid?

You will receive payment for any art sold by electronic payment into the account that you nominated when you filled out your entry form. The Franklin Arts Festival Committee will NOT be issuing cheques.


Delivering/Collecting your artwork

What is the date I have to take in my art?

All artwork must be delivered on Tuesday 1 September, 9:30am - 4:30pm.


I am sending my work by courier. When should I send it and how should I package it?

If you are sending your work by courier or post, it may arrive the week before the Festival,
not earlier than Monday 24th August and no later than Monday 31 August. If you are unsure how long it will take for your work to arrive, it is a good idea to check with your courier before hand to schedule the best day to send it. 

Please courier to: Attn. Jenny Begg,
70 O'Connor Drive,

You can find suggested packaging guidelines here.


What happens to my work if it doesn’t sell?

Hand delivered artworks can be collected from the Franklin Arts Centre, Steel Mill Gallery on Friday 9 October, between 9:30am and 4:30pm.

Hand delivered works that are to be returned by courier: If Franklin Arts Festival are required to provide packaging for return delivery, the artist will be invoiced for a packaging fee of up to $20 plus courier fee if a label has not been supplied.

Couriered works will be packaged in the materials that they arrived in and returned, using the courier label supplied by the artist. NOTE: If the artist does not supply a return courier label or adequate packaging for return, an invoice will be issued for a packaging fee of up to $20 plus courier fee if a label has not been supplied


What details are to be included with the work?

Please label your work AND your packaging (for items sent by post or courier) with your name, address, phone number, title and price. Please ensure that your label is attached securely to the reverse or underside of the work.